Medical Equipment

  • CPAP donated to patient in Nicaragua.

We are in need of donated medical equipment and supplies that be used for other sick people. We can arrange to pick up the items in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego areas. Medical supplies such as catheters, gauzes, bandages, spray adhesives, wheelchairs, maternity equipment, asthma treatment equipment, kangaroo pouches, kangaroo enteral pump sets, colostomy supplies, heart support equipment, orthopedic devices, oxygen concentrators (Portable units only-Resperonics, O2 Concepts, or Inogen models), oxygen tanks, antiseptic wipes and other wound care supplies can also be donated.

Cell Phones:  Must be in working order with power charger.  

For all other areas of the USA we can arrange and pay for shipping when funds are available. We will provide a receipt for your tax deduction.

Your medical equipment or medical supplies will be used in 3rd world countries where they have limited access to healthcare. We currently have a medical clinic in Hue, Vietnam that still needs to be stocked with equipment and medical supplies.

We are also in the planning stages of constructing a medical clinic in rural Nicaragua. Most people in the rural areas of Nicaragua travel a significant distance to obtain medical service. They live about 1 hour by car, 2 hour by bus, and 3 to 4 hours by walking. Approximately 60% of childbirths are done without a medical professional. Having a medical clinic nearby would be a tremendous improvement in their lives.

Some other medical equipment that are needed include:
Anesthesia Supplies
Cardiac Surgery Supplies
Colostomy Supplies
CPAP Machine and Accessories (Mask & tubing unopened)

Oxygen concentrators (Portable units only.  Models: Resperonics, Inogen, and O2 concepts)  Must be Smoke Free item

Dressings, Gauze & Tape
EKG/EEG Supplies & Equipment
Electrodes (in-date)
Electrosurgical Units
Endoscopic Equipment
Feeding Supplies & Equipment
Fetal Doppler Supplies & Equipment
First Aid Supplies
Gastrointestinal Supplies
Gloves, Surgical & Exam
Gowns, Surgical & Patient
Infant Incubator / Warmer
Intravenous Supplies
IV pump sets
Lab Supplies & Equipment
Labor & Delivery Supplies
Monitoring Supplies & Equipment
Needles (sterile)
OB/GYN Supplies
Ophthalmology Supplies
Orthopedic Supplies
Ostomy Supplies
Otoscopes & Ophthalmoscopes
OR Packs
Operating/Procedure Room Equipment
Patient Care (Nursing) Supplies
Pediatric Supplies
Personal Hygiene Items
Procedural Trays
Protective Clothing/Face Wear
Pulse Oximeters
Respiratory Supplies
Skin Prep Items
Sterilization Supplies & Equipment
Surgical Instruments (must be clean)
Suction Machines
Suction/Irrigation Supplies
Sutures (sterile)
Therapeutic Equipment
Ultrasound Machines & Portable X-Ray
Urinary Supplies
Vascular Clips
Wheelchairs & Crutches


Sorry, but we cannot take prescription drugs as a donation.

Send us an email or call if you have any questions about medical equipment or cell phone that you wish to donate.
(714) 472-3038

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