Teach English

Our School:

Before Dinh started this mission in Nicaragua, the children were attending school in an open shack with a dirt floor. Education was distracted by wind gusts carrying sand in their eyes, free roaming chicken and dogs.

Dinh has built a concrete school where the children can comfortably learn.  This was done by American and Canadian expats and travelers with a desire to help the children. Our goal for the village kids is to give them adequate education to ensure a hopeful future.

We need volunteers to teach English to children aging in range from 4-12. No prior experience is required. Learning English will greatly enhance their future. Our goal for the village is to increase the number of kids that attend high school, then attend college after high school. Many children will drop out at 6th grade.  This is a very poor community and sometimes the parents feel its more important to pull the children from school than to continue their education. The vicious cycle continues.

We want to take away the financial burdens from this community, making life a little easier. We would like to create a self sustainable community that grows their own fruits, vegetables and has their own livestock.

We have a continuous need of supplies for the school, including paper, writing utensils, books and other learning tools. The children also need clothes and shoes.

What makes it so easy to give to this community is their gratitude. They are so thankful for even the small things. It really warms our hearts.